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  Big Daddy Don


Big Daddy Don is an Award Winning

Professional Tattoo Artist and he

assures you he will do his best

on each and every tattoo.


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Big Daddy Don

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  Big Daddy Don

The Tattoos you see in my portfolio are on average  3  hours or less. I seldom do an outline and have anyone return to finish. Most are finished on the first sitting.  If you have to return for a second sitting, you have an exceptionally large tattoo.

I have received several awards over the years, for my tattoo work. I generally do not brag, of the award thing. I just think is worth mentioning. I have been refining this trade since the early 80s. I have seen the best and the worst of the industry, it has changed greatly over the years.

I don't recommend trying to beat an artist down on the price. If you have made your choice, insulting your artist won't get you anywhere. If it's good work it's worth the price that is being asked. I know from my perspective, when I do a tattoo, most often I give you more than I charge for.
  Big Daddy Don

I work with all types of mediums, crayons, pencil, water color,oil, acrylic, wood, stained glass, airbrush, u name it I've tryed it. I specialize in black and gray, color bomb, and cover ups.


Tattoos by Big Daddy Don

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