kc jones


K. C. Jones is located at the
Macon, Ga., location of
 Beyond Taboo Tattoo Studios


KC Jones



Here at Beyond Taboo Tattoo
I do allow the guys some R&R,
from time to time, and treat them
to some steaks and drinks, but as
you can see, I make them cook
their own steaks. And KC did a
helluva good job at that.


"Besides being so obviously
handsome... I am an unbelievably
amazing, and might I add extra-
ordinarily talented tattoo artist...
I tattooed for quite a while in
Ybor City Florida, (Tampa area)
then to Alabama for a couple of
years, and now I have become a
member of The Beyond Taboo
Tattoo Crew, here in Macon, Ga.
In my spare time I am building
tattoo machines and medieval
weaponry... For the most part, I
am an open book, but it's like a
Victorian novel, and if I wasn't
busy enough already, I like to
design and build custom bikes,
choppers, and pretty much
anything you can weld together
and ride..

I grew up in the central Florida
area, but pretty much, out in the
sticks.. long story short...the red
will not wash off my neck! LOL...
Just kidding.. but I do have a good
sense of southern hospitality and
charm...Anything else you want to
know will have to be asked."


K. C. Jones ?
Yep... That's what they used to
ask, because every time somebody
asked him his name, in Ybor City,
Florida, he gave them a different
answer. So when he finally stuck
with K.C. Jones nobody knew??

K. C. Jones is our newest addition
here in Macon, Georgia. I met him
at Doc Dog's Famous Las Vegas
Tattoo Company, located down in
Ybor (pronounced E-bor) City, Fl.
He tattoos, builds tattoo machines,
motorcycles, and whatever else you
may want to pay someone to do..
At least as long as it is somewhat
legal. He's a great tattooer and a
pretty fun guy to be around.

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