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" Cover-ups and Fix-ups, I guess you
could say are a couple of my
specialties. I love fixing or covering,
 low quality or just unwanted tattoos
and I'll gladly finish any unfinished
tattoos that you can't get anybody
else to touch. I love doing this kind
of work because it is more rewarding to
me. Taking a piece of crap and
making it a piece of art is more re-
warding to me than just doing a nice
tattoo on bare skin. Most any tattooist
can do that. Cover-ups are not so easy
pull off. And the satisfaction I get by
seeing a customers face, after fixing
the tattoo they've been hating for
years, is priceless. 


Lil' Rat, the owner of Beyond Taboo Tattoo
& Piercing Studio has been a Tattooist  for
over 30 years.  He is currently Tattooing at
 the Fernandina Beach, Fl. location. If you
prefer Lil Rat tattooing you himself, feel
free to call down to the shop and make an
appointment to come down. If you are driving
down from Macon, then you should call
first to make sure his schedule is open.


Or you can message him on Facebook:

And be patient, it takes a day or two sometimes
 for me to check my Facebook.


I have quite a few dedicated clients that
drive down from Macon to get tattooed
by me. Also if you have kids under 18
and would let them get tattooed if it
 was legal?? Well it is legal in Florida,
with a notarized form signed
by a parent, and the parent present,
So if they've been buggin' you for a
tattoo, but you didn't know where
to go?? Then bring'em on down and
we'll take good
care of them for you.

We had fun fun fun til daddy took Limo away!!

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