punk ray

I am quite pleased that I found a place
in life that makes me happy, so I plan
to pursue Tattooing as my final career.
Always striving to be the best I can
possibly be, at whatever I do, I see
many years of 'Happy Inking' in my
future. So come and check us out".

punk ray

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Having been an employee at Beyond
Taboo, Punk Ray is by far our most
loyal, dependable and valued member
of the team.

Ray is a Master Piercer and an excellent
old school color artist. When it comes
to any particular style Ray excels in,
I'd say Patriotic Tattoos. From Military
 designs to Firefighter symbols, Punk Ray
puts his heart into them. Having a
military background, plus a profound
respect for war veterans, Ray has the
edge when it comes to doing a clean
Patriotic Tattoo.

Working at the Beyond Taboo location
in Macon, Georgia, Punk Ray says he
was interested in body modification for
many years, but before he started
hanging out with Lil' Rat, he didn't have any
opportunity to pursue these interests.

He was a local "Punk Rocker" and truly
a tattoo and piercing collector and
connoisseur. Then it all started to come
together in 1997 when he volunteered to
 help Lil' Rat build the first Beyond
Taboo Tattoo Studio, in Macon, Ga.
Lil' Rat then invited him to be a part of
the team and:

"It's all history from there.."


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