I feel very privileged to have had the
chance to meet and learn from some
legendary and great tattooists,
especially My Hero and father, Lil' Rat.
He has taught me to respect the tattooers
who paved the way for all of us in the
profession today."


TatDamien on facebook

Tat Damien

damien inking some flesh
Damien, who is Lil' Rat's son, is a
Tattooist  at the Fernandina Beach, Florida location. So if you are looking for Tattoos less pricey than his Dad,
come and get  $ome discount
tattoo work, $top in and

check him out..

Damien was destined to be a tattooist from
the day he was born. Growing up in tattoo
studios and around bikers, he was working
the floor when he was in grade-school. He
was so little that customers used to think
he was a midget when he would walk up and
ask if they needed any help..

Having developed a strong love and under-
standing for the family business will ensure
that he will make a positive mark on this
industry as he evolves.
  famous tattooers
Damien has met and learned from
such "Heavies" as, his Uncle
Gill "the Hollywood Drill" Montie,
Doc Dog, Zeke "the Streak" Owen, Mike Parsons
and countless others. He has socialized with such
tattoo pioneers as Lyle Tuttle, Philadelphia Eddie,
Painless Paul Nelson and Howie "the hand", along
with numerous others he just casually met.
He welcomes the opportunity to rub elbows with
icons of the business any time we get a chance.
Damien knows that knowledge of tattooing
techniques is very important, but it is equally
as important to pay your dues by showing the
"Old Schoolers" the interest in their
views, they are due..

"Like Father like Son.. There's no denying the whole family loves Hot Tattoos, Hot Cars and
 Hot Chicks.

Stop in at the shop and see us..."


click here to see damiend tattoo photo gallery

Damien enjoys doing various styles of work as
he sharpens his skills, but he likes doing fat
outline color work.  Otherwise, he is willing to
 do whatever the client wants, and at a lot lower price than his dad..


Here's Damien at age 15 tattooing his Uncle Gill.

Damien tattooing Kendall,
his "partner in crime"!! 
 Kendall is our charming and
competent body piercer down
here in the Sunshine State.
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