Tattoo Cruise 2004 Photo Gallery

Check out what a good time there was, to be had, aboard Carnivals $440 Million Dollar Triumph Cruise Ship this year. This was the second annual Tattoo Cruise, and in the last two years over 300 tattoo artists and fans have sailed to Jamaica, Grand Caymen and Mexico combining sun, fun and education. Enjoy these photos like we enjoyed this fantastic social event, hosted by Lyle Tuttle and Mike Leggero. And also visit to see how to get signed up for Tattoo Cruise 2005, and sail to Belise, Panama and Costa Rica.

After the Tattoo Cruise this year, one of the foreign artists we met stopped by my studio in Macon, Georgia before returning home to Denmark. She was Shotgun Sue Thomsen from Insomnia Tattoo Studio in Denmark  The Tattoo Cruise was designed to give artists the chance to meet other artists and broaden their horizons, all you have to do is take advantage of the opportunity. 

Sue and Lil' Rat exchanged stories, knowledge, guest-spot invitations, and of course, Tattoos. You can see some photos of this visit by clicking HERE.

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