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tommy inking some flesh


White Tommy is one of Macon, Georgia's
Beyond Taboo Tattoo Crew and is
more than ready and capable to handle
your Tattoo or Piercing needs. He is certified in First Aid,  Bloodborne Pathogens,  CPR
and AED.  He is both a professional body
piercer and tattooist.

I've always been interested in tattoo's and
 piercings and hard work and perseverance got
 me where I'm at today. I've been at Beyond
Taboo my entire career and learned to tattoo
and pierce through apprenticeships under
 Lil Rat and Punk Ray. Thanks to both of them
very much for helping me understand and appreciate the industry. Its not just a job,
around here its our life and these guys are
like family! To all my regular customers i
would like to say thanks!To anybody interested
 in getting tattoed or pierced, all you have to do
is stop by and let us hook you up with something you will be happy with forever. THANKS


click here to see tommys tattoo photo gallery

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