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Cover-up and fix-up tattoos

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If you've gone somewhere to get a tattoo finished, added on to, or fixed and you were told by the Artist, "they don't work on tattoos done by someone else", then you weren't talking with Lil' Rat. If your artist gets mad if you get tattooed by someone else, even if they work in the same shop, then you weren't at one of Lil' Rats studios. So stop wasting time at these other shops because Lil' Rat or one of the Beyond Taboo Tattoo Crew will be more than happy to finish, fix or cover up whatever you have.

Lil Rat says; "This is one of my specialties. I love fixing or covering, low quality or just unwanted tattoos and I'll be happy to finish tattoos that are incomplete, or disliked, whatever the reason. I think it's more of an accomplishment to take a tattoo that the owner kept covered, not wearing a bathing suit any more, and make something beautiful out of it. It has a lot of rewards when you see the look on some peoples faces when they look at the finished product."

You will see plenty of our cover-ups throughout this site, but you can click on the slides below to see a few.
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